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Todd Avery


Safe Driving Coach

Todd Avery is Delaware Valley's Favorite Driving Instructor.


Well recognized in the Philadelphia region as an obsessed car enthusiast and a highly personable and dedicated driving instructor, Todd is focused on ensuring a pleasant experience and promoting driver and passenger safety.


For the past 15 years, he has coached hundreds of drivers  In addition to teaching new drivers the "rules of the road," Todd is an experienced classroom and race track coach for performance drivers.


Teaching and coaching all ages of drivers is Todd's passion. For both new and experienced drivers, Todd can ensure that a patient, calm, and thorough experience. 


Don’t Just Be A Driver…Be a Safe Driver.


Todd's philosophy is quite simple:


I want the safest, most responsible, most attentive drivers on the road."


Parents, teens, mature drivers, and performance enthusiasts all recommend Todd without hesitation. His reputation for a personalized, enthusiastic, and safe experience is well known throughout the Delaware Valley.

Todd lives in Montgomery County with his wife and two teenage drivers.

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Michele Whitman

Driving Coach

Michele has been a classroom teacher since graduating with a degree in education from Temple University in 1991. Her philosophy of teaching is to create relationships with her students based on mutual trust and respect. She believes that students must feel safe to ask questions and make mistakes as they improve their knowledge and skills thereby building their confidence behind the wheel to become safe responsible drivers.


Michele knows what it is like to be the parent of a teen driver. She recently coached her own daughter to successfully obtain her driver’s license. Michele uses her experiences as both a parent and coach to give her students’ parents the tools they need to become partners in their child’s learning process.

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Nick Betegh

Driving Coach

After over 40 years of running his architecture and construction firm, Nick is ready to take his knowledge of leadership, communication skills, and creative thinking to the road. Nick has had a passion for cars since arriving in the US from Venezuela as a child - so much so he was able to guess what car was driving by his house based on the sound it made. Since receiving his license at 16, he has driven more than a million miles, whether in his 1930 Ford pickup truck or in his Porsche, teaching on the race track as a National Certified Driving Instructor. 


Nick holds instructor/coach status with BMWCCA, NASA, SCCA, and other private motorsports groups and continues to coach new drivers.


We look forward to Nick starting as an instructor here at Safe Driving Coach. We anticipate his lesson openings to begin at the end of May 2022, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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