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Driving Lessons for Teens with Learning Challenges

Set them up for success!

It can be scary to think about your teen starting to drive, especially if they have challenges with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, or other learning challenges.


Set them up for success by giving them the driver's education they need to be a responsible driver - and giving yourself some peace of mind as well!

Safe Driving Coach specializes in teaching new teen drivers how to be safe, responsible, defensive drivers. 

Todd Avery giving a driving lesson in a car

Our coaches are all trained and certified to provide expert instruction to drivers with special needs, including most learning difficulties, executive functioning issues, attention deficit disorders, and anxiety challenges.

We offer programs that provide both extensive driving instruction and that address individual driver concerns. We can also tailor programs to each student based on schedule, requirements, and budget.

Programs of Ten, Eight, Six, and Four 90-Minute lessons all provide certified and professional instruction in the following areas:

1. Vehicle Overview, Parking Lot and Neighborhood Driving

2. City and Local Driving

3. Highway Driving and Parallel Parking

4. Driver's Test Preparation and Review

With each of these programs, the student receives a certificate of completion.

NOTE: All Driver Programs Require a $75.00 Deposit.

Please read our COVID health & safety protocols here.

Four (4) 90-Minute Sessions
6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction
Six (6) 90-Minute Sessions
9 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction
Eight (8) 90-Minute Sessions
12 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction
Ten (10) 90-Minute Sessions
15 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction

Questions about which option is best for your teen?

Call or text Todd: 267-420-1192

What students and parents are saying about Safe Driving Coach

"Todd and Michele put my daughter at ease and taught her all the things I didn't even know she needed to learn.  I specifically chose Safe Driving Coach due to their focus on anxious /ADHD drivers and it was the right decision.  My daughter felt comfortable and confident on the road and the completion of her lessons and passed her test on the first try.  Their method for learning to parallel park was wonderful!" 

- Kimberly D. (Google Review)

"The Safe Driving Coach system is second to none.  When the most important thing is safety and it's life or death- you want a well-trained defensive driver.   With Todd, our daughter was able to gain confidence throughout the process- and is now a fully competent and licensed member of the driving community!"

- Larry C. (Google Review)

"Mrs. Whitman was an exceptional teacher. She connected with our son and made the lessons enjoyable. She is knowledgeable, kind, and very accommodating. We are so pleased we chose Safe Driving Coach!"

- Mindy D. (Google Review)

"I had Todd as my instructor and he was so incredibly kind and patient. He helped boost my confidence in driving a ton!!"

- Vanessa L.

"Personally Todd was the best driving teacher I could’ve asked for! He was super patient and got to know me as a person first in order to teach me! He was very understanding and taught me amazing life lessons that helped build my confidence on the road. Thank you so much Todd for everything you did for me, and for believing in me when I doubted myself!"

- Lisa G. (Google Review)

"Michele was just wonderful from start to finish- established a great relationship with Alex and taught him how to drive safely and responsibly. I would give her the highest possible recommendation." 

- Lisa B. (Google Review)

Read all of our 525+ Google Reviews here.

Our New Normal...COVID Safety Protocols

Students will be required to wear a face covering if not fully vaccinated and boosted. Exceptions are for those who are fully vaccinated (meaning 2 weeks after their final shot and boosted). If students who are vaccinated still prefer to wear a mask while in the car, that is also okay. Additionally, all surfaces of the driver and passenger area will be cleaned before and after each lesson.


All concerns about wearing a mask must be discussed prior to the lesson.




  • Students are required to have their Pennsylvania Drivers permit available.


As always, my objective is to provide a safe environment and deliver an exemplary level of education and instruction for every student every day.


I am looking forward to working with all of you!

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