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Driving School in Horsham, PA

Learning to drive is a major milestone for teenagers, and it is one to be taken very seriously. Safe Driving Coach guides teen drivers in Horsham to become safe drivers who respect the law, their passengers, and their vehicles.


Whether you are a parent planning to teach your teen how to drive, or you are looking for a driving school in Horsham, PA to provide professional driving lessons, we can give your family the tools to succeed behind the wheel and on the road.

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Why Choose Safe Driving Coach for Your Teen Driver?

Todd Avery has been coaching new drivers for over 15 years in Montgomery County and the surrounding region, including Horsham, PA. Todd and his team are passionate about coaching drivers to be patient, calm, and safe in every scenario on the road. 

If you live in Horsham, you know that it takes skill and experience to navigate the roads! Todd lives right here in Montgomery County and understands the unique geography of Southeastern PA. At some point, your teen will need to know how to negotiate the neighborhoods, busy streets, and Route 611. Safe Driving Coach is your resource for guiding your teen to handle that challenge with confidence and competence.  

Behind-the-wheel instruction prepares your student driver to deal with a variety of driving scenarios and conditions. Once they’ve met all of the PA requirements, teens with our Certificate of Completion will be ready to take their Driver’s License test, and they may qualify for reduced auto insurance rates. While these practical benefits are great, the ultimate benefit of driving lessons is the peace of mind that your teen is a responsible, aware, and defensive driver.

In Pennsylvania, teen drivers with a permit need to complete 65 hours of supervised driving with a licensed driver over age 21. Safe Driving Coach provides between 6 and 15 hours of instruction that enhances the practice time they spend with you before taking their road test. We encourage parents to take our on-demand course in order to give their teens a consistent coaching experience that reinforces the skills and habits they are learning. 

Driving Lessons for Teens in Horsham, PA

Making lessons memorable

Four (4) 90-Minute Sessions
6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction
Six (6) 90-Minute Sessions
9 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction
Eight (8) 90-Minute Sessions
12 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction
Ten (10) 90-Minute Sessions
15 hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction

Safe Driving Coach is a driving school for Horsham, PA teens. Driving lessons are available for teens and adults 7 days a week. We teach both licensed drivers and those with a PA Learner’s Permit right here in Horsham. We come to our clients so that they can begin their lesson from home, school, work, or another location in the community in one of our Safe Driving Coach vehicles.

During each 90-minute lesson, our coaches will build on previous skills to expand the driver’s knowledge of laws, defensive driving habits, safe vehicle handling, driving conditions, and negotiating traffic. All of the Safe Driving Coaches are certified to work with students who have special needs. In fact, we tailor every lesson plan to address each driver’s individual concerns.


As coaches who work with teens every day, we are aware of issues like:


  • Overthinking

  • Anxiety and fear

  • Preoccupation and distraction

  • The power of positive reinforcement

  • Insecurity about asking questions


Teenage drivers have different learning styles than adults, and we get that! We are constantly adapting our techniques to make sure the lesson is valuable for each student. Above all, we maintain a sense of patience and calm in the vehicle to make sure our drivers are comfortable asking questions and understand that they will definitely make mistakes.

Over the course of a 4-10 week program, students will receive instruction in the following areas:

  • Learning the different parts of the vehicle and knowledge of the controls 

  • Driving in parking lots and through quiet neighborhoods

  • Driving the roads in Horsham Township and the surrounding towns

  • Highway driving on 611 and 309

  • Street and parallel parking

  • Preparing for the PA Driver’s License road test

Safe Driving Coach does not limit driving instruction to teenagers. So, if you’re looking for a driving school in Horsham, PA, for adults or licensed drivers, we can help! We offer lessons for adults, such as Nannies and Au Pairs, people who have recently moved to Horsham from a rural region, people who never got a driver’s license as a teen, people who want to have more confidence behind the wheel, or people who have lost confidence in driving after a crash.

No matter what your experience and history with driving is, we will customize lessons that help you become a safe, confident driver for life. 

What students and parents are saying about Safe Driving Coach

Safe Driving Coach is proud to have over 500 five star Google reviews from our students and their parents. It’s always amazing to see our clients share the same words in their reviews that we name as our priorities. See for yourself what our drivers are saying!

“Todd Avery was wonderful to work with - he was very knowledgeable, positive and took time to answer any questions we had. Our son really enjoyed his lessons and felt confident. We highly recommend Safe Driving Coach! We will be working with Todd in the future when it is time for our daughter to get her license. Fantastic experience from start to finish!" 

-  Dave M., Parent(Google Review)

“Todd made my daughter feel comfortable and confident when driving. I could see that her driving and her awareness of what was going around her improved after she had lessons with Todd. She would tell me tips that Todd told her.  I would recommend Todd and his team to everyone!”

- Sarit K., Parent (Google Review)

“Todd made the scary process of teaching a 16 year old to drive so much more comfortable. Immediately upon starting lessons my daughter was a more proficient, safe, and confident driver.  We started with the 4-lesson package but ended up adding 2 lessons plus the driver exam. Todd took care of scheduling her exam plus of all details right up to her photo after passing her exam with flying colors. I know my daughter is safer behind the wheel because of Todd.  My son will be going to Todd as soon as he is

ready in 2 years!” 
- Karen D., Parent (Google Review)


“Todd is a great driving coach and he did an excellent job helping me establish more confidence behind the wheel. He was very patient in working with me through my anxiety. I highly recommend him to anyone who is just starting out with driving and/or people who have bad anxiety on the road."

- Katie L., Teen Driver (Google Review)

“Todd did such a great job teaching me the ropes and giving me all of the inside information I needed to be a safe driver and to help pass my test. It was also really convenient that he could pick me up from school and start my lesson right from there five stars for sure.”

- Braxton G., Teen Driver (Google Review)

“Todd is an amazing teacher and has helped push me to do something I never thought would be possible for me. Even though my lessons are over I will forever remember everything he has taught me as I continue on the path to getting my driver's license! My test is scheduled for October 6th! I know my dad is over the moon too because he tried for so long to get me to drive and I just wouldn’t. Well look out people, I’ll be on the road soon enough. Thank you again, Todd! So much!”

- Hanna K., Teen Driver (Google Review)

If you are looking for a driving school in Horsham, PA to provide driving lessons for your teen, contact us to learn about our Safe Driving Lessons and our Parent’s Survival Guide for New Teen Drivers. Our coaches are here to support you and your teen as they learn to become safe, confident drivers.

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