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National Teen Driver Safety Week 2020

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

This coming week, October 18 - 24, is National Teen Driver Safety Week. Why does this matter to you? We all know that teen drivers are at a higher risk of car crashes, but do you know just how much?

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for 15-18 years old in the United States. That’s more deaths than from all other types of injury, disease, or violence.*

While that fact is scary, it’s not all bad news. One of the strongest factors for decreasing the loss of life from car crashes is probably reading this article right now - parents and caregivers of teens.

Dad and teen son driving in car

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “parents can be the biggest influencer of teens’ choices behind the wheel if they take the time to talk with their teens about some of the biggest driving risks.”*

Well, there you go! You can make a difference in your teen driver’s safety by having challenging yet crucial conversations before - and throughout - their driving experience

This week, I want to personally encourage you to have a conversation with your teens about the rules of the road and safe driving habits. Whether they just started driving or have had their license for a year or two, it’s important to keep these safe driving skills at the forefront of their minds.

To help you with those conversations, here are a few of our past blog posts about some of the key areas of teen driving safety:

If you’re looking for more guidance on how to help your teen become a safe, responsible driver, you can check out these additional resources from Safe Driving Coach:

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