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For many parents, teaching their own teen how to drive is either terrifying or frustrating - or both.

That's exactly why I created the The Parent's Survival Guide for New Teen Drivers, to help parents coach their teens to be safe, responsible drivers.

Because at the end of the day, it's all about saving lives out there on the road.

The Parent's Survival Guide for New Teen Drivers is an online video course designed specifically for parents teaching their teens how to drive.

Get started for $29.95!

Has teaching your teenager to drive been really frustrating?

Do any of these sound like your experience so far?
Yelling, crying, or swearing
Parent and teen arguing while teen drives car
You're in the passenger seat, your teenager is behind the wheel. They just aren't listening, so you yell, but they still don't listen.  So, you yell louder.
Fighting with your child or spouse
Couple not talking to eachother standing outside car
Have your driving lessons ended with you and your teen in a fight? Or maybe you and your spouse fight about the right approach to teaching them.
Terrified to even let them drive
Toddler walking toward parent
Do you look at your teenager and still see that young child learning to walk, falling down, and reaching up to you for help? Are you so terrified to even allow them to start to drive?
Teaching your own teen is hard!

As a parent of two daughters, I’ve experienced this first-hand.

And as a driving instructor for over 10 years, I’ve had a first row seat to hundreds of parents and teens trying to navigate this new process.

Todd Avery with family
Todd Avery in car with teen driving student

But there is a better way!

There is a better way than more screaming, more reprimanding, more fighting.

You, as the parent, can create a calming, positive learning environment for your new driver to thrive.

Safe Driving Coach Todd Avery standing outside car

Meet Your Safe Driving Coach

Todd Avery

For the past 10 years, I have coached hundreds of drivers, teaching them the "rules of the road,” how to be safe, be defensive and to always expect the unexpected. 


Teaching and coaching new drivers is my passion.


My philosophy is quite simple:


“I want the safest, most responsible, most attentive drivers on the road."

That's why I created The Parent's Survival Guide for New Teen Drivers.

The Parent's Survival Guide for New Teen Drivers

Screen Shots of videos in course

After 10 years of teaching teenagers how to drive, I’ve compiled my best methods, strategies, and tips for parents on how to be a better coach for their new drivers.

The lessons in these videos contain the phrases you can use to say to your teen to help them understand what they need to do and why and when.


I also go through what you should be showing and reviewing with your new driver (maybe you don’t think you need to show them how to adjust the mirrors, but spoiler alert - you do!)


The lessons are broken down into digestible videos for you to work through at your own pace. 


You can watch a lesson and take the information and strategy out on the road with your new driver.

The video lessons are divided into 3 sections:

Section 1: In the Parking Lot

- Getting started with the car
- Vehicle Controls
- Parking & Parking Lots
- Backing up & the Rear Camera
- Vision & Scanning the Road Ahead
- Rules of the Road & Right of Way Definitions

Section 3: Expect the Unexpected

- Hazards & Deer
- Driving in the Rain
- Braking & ABS
- Driving in the Snow
- Motorcycles
- Getting Pulled Over by the Police

Section 2: On the Road

- Highways & Lange Changes
- Safe Following Distances
- Weight of Vehicles
- Exit Signs & Off-Ramps
- Emergency Vehicles & Move Over Law
- Construction Zone

Plus 3 additional bonus videos available for you:
- Passing the Driving Test
- The Safe Family Driving Pledge
- Saving their Lives

- Parallel Parking

Testimonials For Safe Driving Coach

"Fear no more! Take the stress out of the new driver equation by using Todd Avery as your child's safe driving coach and his interesting, informative, and comprehensive driving tip videos to create a dialogue of learning and calm between parents and their teens. New drivers don't have to fear the road when they learn from the ultimate expert."

- Marci G. Fox, Ph.D. licensed psychologist and author of Think Confident, Be Confident for Teens: A Cognitive Therapy Guide to Overcoming Self-Doubt and Creating Unshakable Self-Esteem

"As an ADHD and executive functioning coach I work with teens who are learning to drive, as well as their parents. I think Todd Avery's new Parent Survival Guide For New Teen Drivers brings valuable information to these parents who are seeking more guidance as they support their teen in the driver education journey.


I highly recommend these videos!" 

- Gayle Sweeney, ADHD and Executive Functioning Coach
Co-Author: Behind the Wheel With ADHD

"Can’t imagine a better teacher. He is calm, adjusts to the learners needs, and offers a progressive experience. Not only did he help our teen but he gave us very concrete ways to help her. Couldn’t have done it without him.  Always professional friendly and open to questions."


- Fran N.

"Todd was great with my teen. He had all the answers for her numerous questions. His teaching style is enhanced by the mutual respect and trust he gives to his students. His tips for parents on how to deal with their new drivers are great, too. I highly recommend him."


- Michelle B.

"Todd was an amazing driving instructor. He has taught my daughter how to become a safe and patient driver. She felt at ease behind the wheel due to Todd's expertise and understanding as an instructor. After every lesson Todd took the time to discuss areas my daughter needed to work on. He genuinely cares about putting safe drivers on the road. We could not have had a more positive experience and I have peace of mind knowing my daughter is an educated and confident driver. Thank you so much Todd!"

- Fernanda L.

You CAN help your teen become a safe driver!

You can create the calm atmosphere so that your teen hears, listens, and processes the information they need to make better safe driving decisions.

As parents, we’re so used to telling our children what to do. But when it comes to driving, we need to coach them.

Telling them what to do (brake now, turn here, put your turn signal on) will only help them know how to operate a car.


But you don’t just want them to know how to operate the car; you want them to be a safe defensive driver, and continue to be long after you’re in the car with them.

Coaching involves asking questions; getting teens to think for themselves.


When they start to process the information - the why and how of safe driving - having that "Ah Ha" moment, that’s when they’ll really start to incorporate safe driving habits.


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