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Student and Parent Testimonials

Safe Driving Coach is an excellent driving school. Todd taught my son to drive, including discussing rules of the road, parking strategies, safely changing lanes, and safe driving practices. At the beginning of each lesson, Todd asks if there are certain areas I would like him to focus on and reinforce. I would highly recommend Safe Driving Coach, excellent service!

- Jacob K. (Google Review)

Safe Driving Coach Parent Testimonial Video

Successful - Defensive Drivers

The Parent's Survival Guide for New Teen Drivers

An online video course for parents of new teen drivers

For many parents, teaching their own teen how to drive is either terrifying or frustrating - or both.

That's exactly why I created The Parent's Survival Guide for New Teen Drivers, to help parents coach their teens to be safe, responsible drivers.

Because at the end of the day, it's all about saving lives out there on the road.

The Parent's Survival Guide for New Teen Drivers is an online video course designed specifically for parents teaching their teens how to drive.

Think this video course is what you need? Find the right package for you!

Owning a finely crafted sports car is a privilege.
Todd Avery standing next to BMW sports car

We provide the ultimate one-on-one, highly-personalized experience for all driving levels.

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